Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nollie version 0.5 is out

I have spent some time lately working on a pet project known as Nollie. Nollie is a lightweight caching framework for .NET, which supports caching of objects to a MS SQL-Server database, to the memory or to both for improved performance.

Why did I decide to create a caching framework? Well it's fun and it's a great learning process to work on a pet project. Also I had a need for a lightweight caching framework in a real life project that supported tagging of items and removal of items by tags.

Yesterday I put the first release out on CodePlex: Nollie version 0.5 beta. I made it a 0.5 since the API is not 100% set yet, new features might be added and I'm generally looking for some feedback. Currently the code coverage is > 90%.

Some sample code and documentation will be added shortly.